Bad Salzuflen 08.–10.02.2022 #ZOW2022

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Product developments and innovations of the furniture supplier industry

What the exhibitors at ZOW will be showing - Review 2020

The first companies are already showing their hands before the start of the fair. These include the long-standing ZOW exhibitors Interprint, Arturo Salice, Impress Surfaces, the Henke Group, Fritz Becker, Schüco Alu Competence, Ambigence, Henkel and Van Hoecke. Here you can get an initial overview of the innovations and further developments since the international leading event in Cologne.

Ambigence GmbH & Co. KG

Ambigence GmbH & Co. KG

Ambigence GmbH & Co. will also be presenting solutions in the fittings sector. KG - a value-added network that wants to offer the furniture industry a platform for innovations and is breaking new ground thanks to its neutrality and flexibility. With "The Panel is the new fitting" or the functionalised furniture element, the company laid the foundation for long-term change at the beginning of 2018. The think tank will be represented at the Igel e.V. joint stand at the upcoming ZOW.

The focus there will be on conveying possible forms of hardware integration to interested users. Ambigence sees living worlds for the future in which technology blends invisibly with furniture. Feedback to date has shown that functional integration in furniture has the potential to become the future standard for the furniture industry.

At ZOW, we are looking forward to talking to visitors about these diverse possibilities and showing them new design possibilities.

Oliver Schael
Managing Director Ambigence GmbH & Co. KG

Deutsche Arturo Salice GmbH

Deutsche Arturo Salice GmbH at ZOW

Exciting exhibits will be presented at the trade fair stand, which will be illuminated in well-known red: With the "Exedra" slide-in door fitting, for example, Salice offers a strong solution for the implementation of pocket doors that is not only convincing in the kitchen and living areas, but also fits into the office area. Behind sliding doors, the innovative and exclusive "Excessories" cupboard equipment creates order and clarity. And since its market launch, "Air" has been one of the highlights in the hinges product area, which has found its way into many new developments and opens up new possibilities for furniture design.

The short distances in the furniture cluster OWL are very important for us, because we gain valuable time for the exchange with our customers.

Frank Huntebrinker
Arturo Salice GmbH

Fritz Becker GmbH & Co. KG

Fritz Becker GmbH & Co. KG

The Fritz Becker GmbH & Co. KG is a well-known supplier of moulded wood products from Germany’s Weser Uplands. At interzum 2019, it presented the new product concept "Becker Formplus" in order to gather the opinions of its customers and discuss market opportunities. The innovative Formplus process makes it possible for the limits of the deformability of visible wood to be significantly extended without tearing its veneers.

This has the advantage for our customers that we’re able to produce seating that is even more ergonomic and even more comfortable.

Joachim Schelper
Head of Development Fritz Becker GmbH & Co. KG

Based on this concept, which has been very well received, the company will present the first marketable products for the furniture industry at ZOW. The implementation of the built-in "copy protection" is also likely to be particularly exciting, as competitors will not be able to make product copies without licensing this process. The second topic at ZOW will be smart design possibilities for "Becker Formvlies", with which the company will open up new markets.

Henke Group

Henke Group

The Henke Group is one of Europe's leading companies in the segment of furniture fittings and connection technology. Production cycles are considerably optimised and resources are saved through mechanical or automated processing of components.

On the subject of resource efficiency, the Henke group plans to use ZOW as a platform on which to showcase its concepts for solutions using repurposed materials or raw materials from renewable resources. For the packaging sector, the company will present ideas for dispensing with the use of conventional films. Henke is committed not only to using the latest technologies to make efficient use of resources in its own production operations, but also to acting in an environmentally sustainable manner in all of its processes and providing its customers with corresponding product options.

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA at ZOW

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA is known in the furniture industry primarily for its innovative adhesive solutions. These will be presented clearly at the igeL e.V. lightweight construction stand. The focus will be on PUR-based adhesives for the kitchen - valued for their outstanding temperature resistance and resistance to moisture. Many of them are now available as "ME" technology, i.e. with "Micro Emissions".

For edge bonding, Henkel will be presenting its new Technomelt PUR 270/5 ME development at ZOW on the occasion of its market launch. The new adhesive scores with exceptional running properties at feed rates of up to 80 m/min - synonymous with high initial adhesion, a hard adhesive joint and low thread tension.

Impress Surfaces GmbH

Impress Surfaces GmbH

Alongside its designs for its current “I’m PULSE” concept, surfaces trendsetter Impress Surfaces GmbH from Lower Franconia, Bavaria, is set to present new decorative finishes to suit the spirit of the times at ZOW this coming February. The new “industrial style” will be a must next year, with cool, dark colours dominating as well as clear contrasts – hard and soft or cool and warm. More space will be given over to worn and rustic surfaces, oxidised steel, carbonised wood and recycled materials.

Characterised by timeless beauty paired with high-quality details in marble, elegant wood and precious metal, the re-interpretation of mid-century style is also bang on trend. But the longing for nature and authenticity remains probably the biggest and most enduring trend for interiors, which the company will demonstrate with its developments for decorative surfaces at ZOW 2020.

On the one hand, natural and untreated materials impart a sense of comfort, while on the other, the urban touch is revealed through minimalism and reduction to the bare essentials.

Sascha Kostros
Head of Decor Management Impress Surfaces GmbH

Interprint GmbH

Interprint GmbH at ZOW

Interprint is breaking free from the traditional collection concept to try something totally new instead. “Press Play” is a groundbreaking move – an ever-expanding “playlist” of decor options, which will be presented live for the first time at ZOW 2020. Times have changed: So it's hardly contemporary anymore to promote a collection offensively once a year and define a mega-trend. Press Play never stops moving either, staying agile and up-to-date all year round. Interprint is able to react to new developments and trends throughout the year – from the moment they appear – and reflect them from a totally fresh angle.

At ZOW, Interprint will also be presenting an expanded product portfolio as part of the Toppan Group.

At ZOW, we invite you to be inspired by new decorative finishes, product innovations, surfaces and materials and to take a new approach. Our participation in the trade fair is also a clear statement in support of the region as a centre for the German furniture and kitchens industry. We’re looking forward to the exchange of ideas and are excited to hear the feedback from visitors.

Salvatore Figliuzzi
Interprint Director of Marketing & Design

Schüco International KG

Schüco International KG

Open-plan room designs with furniture and elements that can be used for multiple functions, and the desire for individual furnishings are global trends for new living concepts. Further developed for ZOW, the “Schüco Openstyle” room design system is a response to these trends. With aa eye to the markets, the aluminium specialist for residential applications is presenting new profiles for panel material. TVarious accessories can be hung on both sides of the bars used to divide the elements and doors.

With its balanced shape, the "Stair" furniture foot forms an airy, light finish to the piece of furniture, for example a sideboard - or even under a complete kitchen unit. The base is height-adjustable up to 300 mm and can level out uneven floors by means of height compensation. At ZOW, Parallel to this further development, Schüco is also presenting a completely new collection of design handles at ZOW.

Van Hoecke NV

The Belgian family business van Hoecke arrives at ZOW with the new Ta'Or-Box order system. It combines elegance and state-of-the-art technology and is part of the Orgalux range of interior partitioning systems, which was developed for pull-out systems by an Austrian hardware specialist and offers customers a wide range of options.

In order to "tailor" partitioning systems for drawers, van Hoecke has now started to code all pre-assembled drawers. By scanning this code, an app recognises all details of the drawer - including colour, material and dimensions. After answering simple questions in the configurator, the end customer is offered three concrete options from the extensive range of around 9,000 solutions. In this way, consumers can quickly and easily find the product they are looking for - with exactly the right dimensions and in the desired design.