Bad Salzuflen 08.–10.02.2022 #ZOW2022

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[Tiny] Spaces: From Square Meters to Shared Meters

At the “[Tiny] Spaces: From Square Meters to Shared Meters” special event in February 2020, ZOW will inspire new ideas among visitors from the worlds of industry, skilled trades, design and interiors and give rise to new product and service development concepts. The whole event will revolve around the question of how to solve the global megatrend for increasingly scarce living space and the trend towards shared spaces with multifunctional uses.

Across a spacious exhibition area, the special event will create three living concepts and take a solution-driven and pragmatic approach to bring them to life. The focus will be on ZOW’s exhibitors, who will present their skilfully staged ideas for products and solutions to visitors from Germany and neighbouring European countries.

The special event aims to draw the visitors’ attention to the products and solutions offered by the exhibitors, so that only these will be physically on show and therefore available to be experienced. Everything else will be deliberately omitted and merely sketched in – quite literally.

Three questions to Katrin de Louw about the special show

Scene 1: Lennart | 30 years | commuter

Lennart has a new job in town and commutes every week between a small town and a big city. He is grateful to be able to rent this fully furnished apartment, as his partner still lives in the small town and he will certainly not change his mobile lifestyle in the long term.

Lennart uses his bike or the carsharing offers in the city. Ecology and sustainability are important to him. He doesn’t need any comfort and he doesn’t want to bind himself to a city in the long term through his own furniture or property.

The furnishing style is characterized by built-in furniture that optimizes the space. Furniture and space merge as well as the various functions of the multifunctional furnishing. Digitalization is an important tool in his career and everyday life, so that he also controls some functions in the apartment via app.

His kitchen is reduced to a minimum. He lives on several levels to make the most of the space. Upholstery and cabinet furniture are as well merged as kitchen and workplace. Light scenes transform the space according to need and mood.

Schüco Alu Competence
Klebe GmbH Beleuchtungstechnik
Continental / Konrad Hornschuch
Andreas Schuster GmbH & Co. KG
impress surfaces GmbH
Swiss Krono AG

Scene 2: Elisabeth | 74 years | pensioner

Elisabeth became the country house too big after her husband had died and the children left home. She moved to the city to enjoy the benefits of a co-joining space and to meet new people. The nature and handicrafts are important to her.

She bought her apartment in the residential complex and set it up in high quality according to her needs. It is already considered barrier-free. It serves as a recreation place and for body care. Usually she arranges to cook in the rental kitchen, because the interpersonal contact in the residential complex is very important to her.

In her own home, she has access to the balcony and enjoys the comfort of a special door system, which, depending on the need, the movement space of the corridor either belong to the bathroom or the dressing room. In the bathroom, she decided on a smart mirror that reminds her of her appointments. The bed is motorized and can be driven from the field of view during the day under the ceiling. When Elisabeth drives down the bed in the evening and she needs space in her [Tiny] Space, her cozy television armchair becomes part of the built-in furniture again.

Swiss Krono AG
Andreas Schuster GmbH & Co. KG
Continental / Konrad Hornschuch
Hartmann asytec GmbH & Co. KG / BELITEC®
Organoid Technologies GmbH
Kalb Material für Möbel GmbH

Scene 3: Community area | Co-joining | Co-cooking | outdoor

The community area (50-70m²) mixes different functions in the furniture and furnishings. The furniture can partly be rented by the hour, some sections are personally organized, others are used to organize the whole area.

Tables are dining tables, work desks and leisure tables at the same time. Storage space and power supply are integrated.

Acoustics is an important topic, because there is a lot going on in the co-joining space! Room dividers form zones and create quieter corners. Functions such as screens and small cooking lines can be added. Items, such as dishes, are common property.

The seating is as versatile as the residents themselves. Inside and outside merge – the area can be opened in summer.

On- and offline tools such as pinboards or appointment schedules in a kind of “timetable” promote the community, organize the life and work in the residential complex and easily integrate the elderly people.

Swiss Krono AG
Mobitec Systems SA
raumplus GMBH
Pöttker GmbH
Kalb Material für Möbel GmbH
Hailo-Werk Rudolf Loh GmbH & Co. KG
HWB Furniere & Holzwerkstoffe GmbH
impress surfaces GmbH
Cosma Di O. Citterio S.r.l.
BURNOUT Kitchen (DOT GmbH & Co.KG, M. Hunger Möbelproduktions- GmbH)