Bad Salzuflen 08.–10.02.2022 #ZOW2022

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Friends of ZOW

Gerald Böse
Heidrun Brinkmeyer
Oliver Hunger
Ralf Imbery
Sascha Kostros
Klaus-Dieter Midding
Martin Mies
Juergen Ruholl
Peter Sagemüller

"We believe in ZOW. We want to continue to strengthen it and make it even more attractive with great commitment and new ideas."

Gerald Böse - President and Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse

"ZOW is a place for effective work. Exhibitors have time for creative discussions."

Heidrun Brinkmeyer - Executive shareholder Ballerina-Küchen

"We are constantly developing new products and processes, and ZOW gives us the opportunity to present them in the years when interzum is not hosted."

Oliver Hunger - Hunger Möbelproduktions GmbH

"ZOW is quite simply the right event format in the right place at the right time."

Ralf Imbery - Director of Design / Marketing / Digitalization at Continental

"ZOW is the trade fair of short distances - the region is home to a huge number of customers."

Sascha Kostros - Head of Decor Management, impress

"Development cycles are getting shorter and shorter for our customers. New products are being launched every year or event multiple times a year in some categories. ZOW is important to us because it bridges the gap between the interzum years."

Klaus-Dieter Midding - Managing Director, SIRO-CAMAR

"For us as suppliers, ZOW is an important event for meeting customers, competitors, interested parties and other industry participants."

Martin Mies - Vice President, Hailo Einbautechnik

"ZOW is THE trade fair for contacts. The perfect atmosphere generates valuable contacts that can develop into long-term partnerships."

Jürgen Ruholl - Purchasing Director at HARTMANN Möbelwerke GmbH

"There's no alternative to ZOW in Germany in the years with no interzum. Any company looking to present new products to a major part of their target market has to be there."

Peter Sagemüller - Head of Marketing / Product Management Schüco Alu Competence

More than 100 companies are presenting their innovative products and trends in the furniture industry at ZOW in Bad Salzuflen. We have asked some exhibitors the following questions:

  1. Which trends and challenges are shaping the furniture industry in your view?
  2. Which special solutions for these challenges will your company be presenting at ZOW?
  3. Why shouldn’t visitors miss your trade fair stand?

Hermes Einrichtungs Service GmbH & Co. KG

Hermes Einrichtungs Service GmbH & Co. KG

Which trends and challenges are shaping the furniture industry in your view?
Constantly growing cost pressure on the retail side is having an impact on the industry. At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers and storage and logistics capacity is increasing. The accelerating digital transformation and the growing focus on sustainability and CR issues pose new challenges for the industry.

Which special solutions for these challenges will your company be presenting at ZOW?
We provide logistics concepts that save costs, resources and time as win-win solutions for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, logistics service providers and end customers. Together with our collaboration partners, such as IWOfurn, we create tailored concepts for goods and data flows.

Why shouldn’t visitors miss your trade fair stand?
We are the leading logistics company in online furniture retail by some margin and deliver one in every two pieces of furniture ordered. We successfully apply established e-commerce solutions to the logistics requirements of the industry and bricks-and-mortar retail in the furniture sector. We provide comprehensive and personal consultancy services.

impress surfaces GmbH

impress surfaces GmbH

Which trends and challenges are shaping the furniture industry in your view?
Decors and furniture have to meet users’ constantly growing needs. This means that a decor must be easy to combine with other materials and colours so that it can be used in versatile, individually tailored ways. Today furniture, floorings and hence decors as well generate new spatial situations and atmospheres. They have to create transitions between cooking, living and working, for example, and they have to do so in increasingly small spaces.

Which special solutions for these challenges will your company be presenting at ZOW?
We will be presenting our latest decors both in applications and in combination with each other and in some cases with the coordinating structures and haptic effects. In this way, we explain why our decors are the right choice.

Why shouldn’t visitors miss your trade fair stand?
With our “I’m PULSE” – Welcome Home concept, which we already showed at interzum, we will present a trade fair stand modelled on a residential property. Visitors will be able to experience our decors directly both individually and in applications, as wall designs, furniture decors, floorings and kitchen fronts, and be inspired by the different design styles, from industrial rustic to elegant urban and naturally modern.

Jowat SE

Jowat SE

Which trends and challenges are shaping the furniture industry in your view?
From our perspective as adhesive manufacturers, it’s a constantly increasing level of furniture quality in terms of optimum workmanship and the use of a wide range of different materials and decorative finishes. These developments also keep on presenting new challenges for bonding technology – and not just on a purely technical level (process efficiency, optimal function, durability). They also define high aesthetic requirements as regards the ideal bond. When it comes to high-quality edging for panels made of wood-based material, for example, an invisible glued joint, the so-called zero joint, is considered unbeatable for satisfying the most demanding standards in terms of appearance.

Which special solutions for these challenges will your company be presenting at ZOW?
With Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR, Jowat will be bringing an extensive portfolio of label-free PUR hot melt adhesives for various applications in the timber construction and furniture industry to ZOW. A particular highlight of the monomer-reduced range is our unfilled premium adhesive for colourless, barely visible glued joints. Jowat has been working since the early 2000s on the successful development of alternative technologies for the production of PUR hot melt adhesives that do not require hazardous-substances labelling. With our family of Jowatherm-Reaktant® MR products, we want to demonstrate our technological competence and innovative potential in this field once again.

Why shouldn’t visitors miss your trade fair stand?
For all matters relating to adhesives, you’ll always find the right partner at the Jowat trade fair stand. And that’s not all. As members of the IgeL e. V. – Interessengemeinschaft Leichtbau (the Lightweight Construction Association) – network, which brings together the skilled trades, industry and science, we – together with our cooperation partners – have set ourselves the goal of promoting and supporting lightweight construction developments. So, we’ll also be available to handle questions or requests relating to this topic from any trade fair visitors with an interest in the subject.

Vonsild A/S

Vonsild A/S

What trends and challenges do you see as shaping the furniture industry?
Vonsild is working both with the industry direct, with wholesalers around the world, web shops and the retail trade, and in all sectors we see a demand for very sleek and simple styles in handles. The "Scandinavian touch" is very much asked at present.

What special solutions will your company be presenting at ZOW?
Vonsild is specialized in handles and knobs in WOOD - since 1962 - and the only player in the market specialized in WOOD only. We offer an extensive range of handles and knobs, created by award winning designers, both from Denmark and internationally.

Why should visitors definitely visit your booth?
We offer handles for every taste and purpose. Large scale and small scale. An extensive stock range. Custommade design is also an option.

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

Which trends and challenges are shaping the furniture industry in your view?
We believe that there are four major trends or challenges facing the furniture industry in the years ahead. These are digitalisation, mobility and urbanisation, individualisation, and sustainability or an awareness of green issues.

Which special solutions for these challenges will your company be presenting at ZOW?
COLDMELT® technology from Würth, a highly innovative method of connecting lightweight construction materials. By introducing this technology, we’re offering the industry a way of solving at least two of the future trends – mobility/urbanisation and sustainability or awareness of green issues. The use of lightweight wood-based construction materials has great potential to serve these trends, and we offer the appropriate joining technology to support the cost-effective use of these modern materials.

Why shouldn’t visitors miss your trade fair stand?
At our trade fair stand, visitors will be able to “get hands-on” with our COLDMELT® technology. They’ll have the chance to see and experience the possibilities of this innovative technology and discuss technical details with us.